Go Organik

GoOrganik - Organic

Own Brand wall

- The seller gets their very own integrated seller brand wall.
- Display not only your products from all products also showcase any media presence or features your brand might have had or will have in future.


We can do it together.

targeted customer base

- Our customer base is highly targeted and specialised to have a better visibility for our sellers.
- Customers here are only looking for 100% Natural and 100% organic products and produces.

100% secure payment methods

- GoOrganik is well connected to all payment gateways.
- 100% safe and secure transitions


- Each seller as a part of GoOrganik Family gets a dedicated sellers dashboard which helps them organise their feed according to their needs.
- The dashboard is completely personalised to fit the needs of the seller.
- It allows easy account management.
- Faster product updations.


- Integrated markets on all possible social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.
- Ensures that customers can order from wherever they like without any trouble Increases the visibility for all our sellers 10 folds.

achievement wall

We can do it together.

100% tested products

- Tested by the best Ayurveda doctors we have on board.
- The products will be certified under Natural or Organic certifications on our website.

hassle free shipping

- We have partnered with 17+shipping companies to get the products delivered to 26,000+ pincodes.
- Our partners are present through India to make sure the orders are delivered on time.

24 x 7 support

- 24/7 assistance for all our sellers
- Financial and technical assistance is always available for all your problems and queries.
- On time queries and problems resolved.


- Sections on the e platform website are specially reserved for paid advertisements from the sellers.
- These advertisements are displayed in seller dedicated banners on the website and ensures social media platform priority for the sellers.


- A special bonus to our best seller of the month
- Facilitates better relationships between customers and sellers.

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