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  • Seer Secret’s Honey & Geranium Pore-
    Refining Multi-Cleanser is all you need
    to pamper your face. This clear, light
    weight cleansing gel is powerful,
    yet gentle enough for dry sensitive
    skin. It incorporates a balance of bio-
    nutrients, antioxidants and mild
    resurfacing ingredients that thoroughly
    cleanse the surface and pores of
    the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It
    is effective for removing makeup.
    Excellent for all skin types and all ages,
    this product even helps with blemish-
    prone skin. It gently cleanses and
    exfoliates leaving the skin hydrated.
    The perfect cleansing switch-up for a
    full sensory skincare experience.

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  • This “Big Red” beard oil lasts longer &
    performs better than standard beard oil
    using increased viscosity & moisturizing
    properties of higher quality oils & extracts
    that results in a beard that’s easier to style &
    manage. With this beard oil your coarse and
    abrasive facial hair will be transformed into
    a smooth, sleek work of art. Not only is it
    absorbed deep into your beard, smoothing &
    softening with no greasy residue, but it also
    makes it easier to groom & style. This beard
    oil doesn’t just look after your hair, it also
    protects the skin underneath. That means
    less itchiness when you’re growing out your
    beard, no more beardruff, and a beard that
    has a shiny, healthy appearance. It won’t just
    be softer, it will also be stronger, with less
    broken hair or stray whiskers.

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    Store:  Seer Secrets
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