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Our Story

GoOrganik is a Multi brand Ecommerce platform that believes in staying close to our roots. It is a platform that ties all Indian Organic Brands under one roof to give customers not only a wide variety of options but also to give sellers a unique sense of unity. 


GoOrganik made it its mission to help small scale organic brands to recieve more visibility and for organic farmers to earn what is rightfully theirs. 


The story behind the conceptualisation of GoOrganik is not a motivational or an inspiring one. It was an idea that cultivated itself amidst the tragedy of Covid 19 pandemic. With focus turning to health and immunity, it seemed increasingly important to go back to our origins and nature to seek help. It was an idea that benefitted consumers by providing them 100% natural and 100% organic products  and simultaneously benefitted sellers by giving them a unified platform and a family where they were not alone. 


GoOrganik was an idea that manifested itself into an ecommerce website and today hosts more than 80 organic brands and farmers. Although relatively new in sphere, our connections and community ensures complete professionalism and our team only aims to provide the best services possible.

About the company

The benefits of going organic are not only restricted to health, but also direct towards a safer and better tomorrow. In the pursuit of such world, we encourage you to feel and cherish the love your body gives you.

Which is why at GoOrganik we aim to provide well nurtured quality products that are sourced from different parts of India to cater your distinct and specific taste and are affordably priced products.

GoOrganik is India’s only organic multi-brand e-commerce platform having a comprehensive range of products that are quality tested, cruelty-free and pure in nature. 

We provide a range of products including food, essentials, beauty and many more.Every time one chooses to buy organic and local, it’s one step forward to motivating farmers and manufactures to produce more.  

Our fast and hassle-free delivery service enables us to serve you to PAN India.

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